What is LifeSmyles?

LifeSmyles offers novel perspectives to your life, your well-being and the goals you strive towards. On LifeSmyles we focus on scientific findings on individual well-being. We touch critical areas to address and offer advice and suggestions that you can include in your daily routines and in your mindset in order to experience less stress, more calmness and a sense of contentedness.

Who is behind this project?

LifeSmyles is being developed by two scientists, Dr. Rebecca Böhme and Dr. Andrew Wold. We both have an extensive interdisciplinary background in biology, psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience. LifeSmyles is shaped by our journey as parents, world travelers, and as individuals who have experienced crises.

We synthesize modern research with our own experiences. We want to incorporate our knowledge with you, to help formulate easy-to-follow advice that can increase a feeling of balance, lower stress and reactivity, and to develop positive and meaningful experiences.

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